Floflis launch has been postponed to July


development logs

If you see the watermark in Floflis desktop, it points as build 051 (5 representing May month, and 1 representing its first build for the month), but we are in 27 June. 051 was postponned because of my incompetence (althought I were studying other things, useful like in other years of “ocious”), and build 061 is being postponned due to personal issues (my mom needing to use notebook to write - and right now is preventing me from writing this asking to write more, and staring like a guard).

From yesterday (couldn’t search more because my mom ordered to sleep, and as I’ve woke at 8AM I had need to agree) to now I did a research about creating Linux ISO (already have Live Linux repo installed), and were impressed because it just creates a bootable Linux on CD/Pendrive, but doesn’t installs it. Confused for a few hours, I came with the idea of accepting on making it a live Linux, booting with a default user (floflis), then asking for installation. Yeah, installation will be the hard part. I can simply do a piggy install, making a HDD/SSD into a bootable pendrive directly from installation media, but it isn’t the best approach. It needs a installer like Ubuntu haves, and I’ll research about that. But maybe I reinvent the wheel and create my own installer, in HTML5; which is a huge work and not my focus for now.

Also I’m looking at Floflis' root folders and seeing their storage space used. The first build probably will be 071, and the limit for ISO size will be 3,5 GB (will be decreased on next builds). I know the Live Linux will see more GB, but I need to reduce it by removing uneed packages (installable through Internet), and zipping others.

I remember in 2007, when I were a Windows 98 user, did a draw of my own OS. In 2008-2011, created some versions of a paper+cardboard computer for kids (with a user, and a operator which acts as a CPU/programming interpreter/display manager). In 2011 modified my Windows 7, made the desktop in 3D (using Bumptomp, open-source) and tried to distribute this as a new OS, but thought on copyright and wanted to make my very own OS without basing on a proprietary OS. In 2012 used Linux for first time on my sister’s notebook (already heard about Puppy/Slax/Knoppix Linux in 2008) knew Open SUSE Linux and its SUSE Studio, then managed to build a OS based on that. 2014/2015 thought on making my OS as HTML5, and Firefox OS would be the base; also had a hot discussion with my uncle when downloading CLI tools on his computer, to develop on base of Firefox OS. On 2017 returned to SUSE Studio, but in 2018 Open SUSE just f%cked their tool, enabling only high-skilled users to use it. Now I’m doing like on 2011: modifying a installed OS, but now open-source and without relyance on 3rd party things; and I don’t believe it will be launched. And my mom is stared monitoring what I do here, trying anything to replace me.

And I can’t write more.