Development log - 01-03 July 2019


development logs

Day 1 I came to Floflis' GitHub organization and openned its “meta” repo, which contains issues referring to the whole OS; on it, organized its issues for the upcomming build 071 (moved issues to other milestones, and created new ones).

Organized issues page:

Organized build 071 milestone:

Also, did a audit with Lynis, for the security report of July:

Tried to compile/install Stacer (didn’t worked), for cleanning junk storage usage:

And started to create the bash script for Floflis Installer:

Yes, I don’t want to depend on Floflis Central to install Floflis, in favour of Floflis Core; making Floflis Central a simple GUI/UI for the Installer. And it is amazing: bash script is easier than JavaScript! ❤ I didn’t thought programming for CLI would be easier than programming for Web.

Start of a bash file, jumping a line and showing a welcome message:


echo ""
echo "Welcome!"

Showing ASCII art - and any other textbox:

cat << "EOF"
  _            _           
 |_  |   _   _|_  |  o   _ 
 |   |  (_)   |   |  |  _> 
  ___               _            _   _             
 |_ _|  _ _    ___ | |_   __ _  | | | |  ___   _ _ 
  | |  | ' \  (_-< |  _| / _` | | | | | / -_) | '_|
 |___| |_||_| /__/  \__| \__,_| |_| |_| \___| |_|  

Doing CLI commands (such as creating folder, applying chmod permissions), and explainning them:

echo "Creating /1 (tree) folder..."
mkdir /2
echo "Setting permissions on /1 folder..."
chown -R $(id -u):$(id -g) /2
echo "Testing write permissions on tree folder..."
echo "If it takes more than 30 seconds, please reboot your device and try again."
echo "🤓 If u're nerd: root will be needed for applying chmod to folder. So, instead of being owned by root, tree folder will be writable by you as normal user."
echo -n > /2/temp.txt

After Floflis Central identifies temp.txt exists, it creates temp2.txt. And when bash script identifies that:

if [ -e /2/temp2.txt ]
    rm /2/temp.txt
    rm /2/temp2.txt
    echo "Creating settings folder..."
    mkdir /2/config
    echo "Creating sys folder..."
    mkdir /2/Floflis
    echo ""
    tar xfvz 

Bash identifies Floflis Central had created temp2.txt, and goes to next step; that is the primitive way I thought to make the two proccesses collaborate and communicate with each other.

Day 2 I’ve worked more on the bash installer, and tunned a few things on Floflis itself:

Did a security audit of Floflis Central’s NPM dependencies:

About to replace KeePassXC with KeeWeb (Electron version), but both KeePassXC and Minetest are amazingly smaller compared to a Electron app:

Yes, I need to make any Floflis' Electron apps to depend on global shared modules instead of duplicing their own.

Created a icon/shortcut for Floflis Central, on Explore menu (pinned and on lists) and desktop/launcher.

Replaced home to tree link in Explore menu.

Renamed System Settings to simply Settings, and replaced its link to Floflis Central.

But Floflis Central isn’t openning from these links:

I’ll need to create a executable bash script for openning Floflis Central, as Cinnamon links only accepts executables and not commands.

Today, did a good re-draft of my paper notes (lines instead of drawing, and three sections: search, develop and a todo list for other projects) for Floflis development and some studies about Linux on routers. Also, cleanning junk files and programs.