New layers for Floflis: DNA and Home


development logs

I would post that on day 3, but had other things to do. Thinking about Floflis powering routers (wireless), Core is a too much high layer.

Floflis DNA

Then, Floflis DNA layer will get some things from Floflis Core (its installer, tree folder) while not having huge things such as NodeJS (making them optional to install; inside a router, possible to upgrade from DNA to Core).

Floflis Home

Instead of upgrading from Floflis Basic (would work on Windows 95 machines) to Floflis Ultimate (heavyweight), it can have a middle stage for intermediate devices: Floflis Home. So, this is the dependence scheme, including layers:

  -- Unix/Firmware
    -- Linux kernel
      --Floflis DNA
        -- Floflis Core
          -- BSD/GNU OS/Debian
            -- Floflis Substratum
              -- Cinnamon Desktop Environment
                -- Floflis Basic
                  -- Floflis Home
                    -- Floflis Ultimate

I’ll write the complete and official guide about Layers on Floflis Documentation.

Read more about Floflis Layers here.